A healthy consciousness
for snacks

Tasty, simple and quick – a snack fulfilling those requirements has done plenty. But there is a lot of room for improvement in our opinion. And we think about health. Be honest: you have thought about your body enjoying a snack just as much as your taste buds. Snack de Fromage promises good conscience without the guilt trip. Our Cheese Bites have almost no carbs, no gluten, no genetic modification – 100% cheese, 100% natural.

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Cheese is uncomplicated all around. It never backs down and through its need of self-indulgence knows how to meld perfectly together with other delicacies or beverages like wine or beer to achieve a fierce harmony.
This spirit is passed down to our Cheese Bites. They love to unite with fruity marmalade, topping off fresh salads, completing savoury soups or revolutionising traditional dishes.
Let them free your apolaustic imagination to conquer new worlds of tastes.

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