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Taste with a bang

The delight of cheese keeps up with the times – the revolutionary concept of our Cheese Snack Bites hits the zeitgeist of modern society which values health and well-being more and more. Very low-carb diets, keto and high protein diets and gluten allergies put the usual market for snacks in a tough spot. Snack de Fromage on the other hand is not only a wholesome but also a sustainable solution which convinces because of its pure taste. Particularly because its possibility to fuse with almost endless varieties of foods. Our Cheese Snacks easily integrate into your day-to-day nutrition plan. They are light, have a long use-by date, and don’t have to be cooled – perfect for longer outdoor activities when exploring nature.

More so do they resemble an oasis in the old and rather conventional bar and food desert in which people are constantly thirsty for refreshing and new adventure.

Gouda Cheese

  • OriginNetherlands
  • Typesemi-mature
Ingredients pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, starter, vegetarian rennet

the roots

Coming from the Netherlands the legend amongst cheeses called Gouda is not only amongst the most popular but also one of the oldest mentioned. Ancient monastery manuscripta prove Gouda to be an almost divine culinary delight.

Depending on its degree of maturity it opens up a spectrum of various tastes reaching from creamy to aromatic and herbal – just a question of age.

In its home it is absolutely customary to use all of the spectrum to add tastes to soups and sauces.

Our Cheese Bites Crispy Dutch do not lack in this tradition and without a doubt are able to complete different aromas by bringing them together. More so do they prefer to get down with rich red wines and strong beers.

Nutritional Highlights

  • Preservatives

  • GMO

  • Gluten


Tasting notes

  • Flavour

    mild, salty
  • Consistency

    super crunchy
  • Smell


More nutritional Facts

More nutritional Facts

Dry foamed cheese FROMUNCHIES crispy Gouda 48% fat content is a fully processed organic product made of 100% Gouda cheese (pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, starter, vegetarian rennet).
Store in dry place at temperature from 0ºC up to +30ºC with relative air humidity of not more than 85%.

The shelf life expiration: 6 months.
The nutritional (consummatory) value in 100g of the product:
  • Energy1446 kJ / 348 kcal
  • Fat27,9 g,
    of that saturated 19 g
  • Carbohydrate0 g
  • Sugar0 g
  • Proteins23,5 g
  • Salt1,9 g

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Cheese is uncomplicated all around. It never backs down and through its need of self-indulgence knows how to meld perfectly together with other delicacies or beverages like wine or beer to achieve a fierce harmony.
This spirit is passed down to our Cheese Bites. They love to unite with fruity marmalade, topping off fresh salads, completing savoury soups or revolutionising traditional dishes.
Let them free your apolaustic imagination to conquer new worlds of tastes.

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